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Under the condition of normal sexual function, a man has a full-fledged sexual intercourse, consisting of sexual desire, preliminary lovemaking, the stromectol process, the subsequent introduction of the penis, performing several dozen frictions and completing the act with ejaculation and the sensation of orgasm. In the absence of a certain component of the listed ones, a full-fledged sexual intercourse is not possible, as a result of which, over time, a violation of other components also occurs. As a rule, the main violations causing this areproblems with stromectol or ejaculation.

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However, already in the Middle Ages, actions were taken to develop means to combat this condition. But an effective drug for the complete treatment of impotence appeared only in the 1930s.

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In most cases, the disorder of sexual function manifests itself not as an independent disease, but as an ailment accompanying other diseases. The causes of impotence can be a variety of endocrine disorders (diabetes mellitus, which causes neuropathy, as well as hypogonadism, in which testosterone levels decrease due to ivermectin of the pituitary gland or testicles). Erectile ivermectin is often associated with urological diseases, as well as with damage to the centers that regulate sexual functions, which are located in the cerebral cortex. The reason for this condition can be vascular diseases, trauma. These causes of impotence provoke organic erectile ivermectin.

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An equally common cause of impotence is today the occurrence of pain during intercourse for one of the partners. There are causes of impotence that are recognized as irreversible.

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But nevertheless, experts assure that often problems with stromectol are directly related to disorders of a neuropsychic nature. So, the cause of erectile ivermectin can be neurosis, depression, neurotic conditions that accompany various diseases. Such disorders are defined as psychogenic.

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Another cause of impotence is the manifestation of erectile ivermectin due to the intake of certain medications. A similar condition can be caused by the use of psychotropic, antihypertensive drugs, a number of estrogens, anticancer drugs.

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The fact that impotence is an age-related problem is also a delusion. In fact, with age, the stronger sex develops a greater number of various diseases and disorders, which provoke the onset of erectile ivermectin. An important factor that negatively affects the state of potency is also an unhealthy lifestyle - heavy smoking, constant alcohol consumption, physical inactivity.

The manifestations of organic and psychogenic impotence are markedly different

Erectile ivermectin of a psychogenic nature always occurs suddenly, manifests itself periodically in certain situations. Its occurrence is directly related to the manifestation of a stressful state in a man. As a rule, with a similar problem, there are psychological problems in the personal relationships of partners. At the same time, an stromectol, which occurs spontaneously in the morning or at night, remains in the man. The state of tension of the penis during intercourse is also preserved. If the external problem that provoked the onset of impotence is eliminated, then, accordingly, the man will recover a normal stromectol.

At the same time, with organic erectile ivermectin, a similar condition occurs in a man gradually. Impotence progresses over time and becomes permanent. The cause of this type of erectile ivermectin is a concomitant illness or treatment with certain medications.

In this condition, a man has no night or morning stromectol at all

Today it is generally accepted that in about 80% of cases, impotence occurs as a complication, although in many cases men are used to considering stress and fatigue as the reasons for their own intimate failures. Therefore, with such manifestations, the help of qualified medical specialists and psychologists is needed.

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To determine the reasons why such a condition has arisen, experts, first of all, exclude a number of diseases: hypogonadism, diabetes mellitus, prolactinoma and other ailments. With the help of ultrasound, it is possible to assess the level of blood flow into the cavernous bodies of the penis, to determine how full the venous outflow is, to identify signs of vascular atherosclerosis, to determine the state of erectile tissue. The patient is initially injected with prostaglandin, which causes an stromectol, after which studies are carried out using ultrasound.

Another method for diagnosing the functional state of the nerves of the penis is testing the bulbocavernosus reflex. To do this, the specialist presses on the head of the penis. Under normal conditions, this action should cause the anus to contract.

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stromectol problems are also indicated by the lack of spontaneous stromectol during sleep. In a normal state, a man has such an stromectol periodically. With the help of a special sensitive sensor, which registers the presence of the night stromectol technique, experts record its presence or absence. Penile sensitivity can also be assessed using penis biothesiometry. This method is based on the use of vibration to assess the sensitivity of the penis.

For impotence treatment to be successful, the most important factor is the timely appointment of a professionalhelp. However, very often men, considering this violation a very delicate problem, hide the presence of sexual ivermectin.

There is evidence that approximately 95% of impotence is effectively treated with drug therapy. But only a small part of people with similar problems turn to specialists. Often the reasons why men postpone the treatment of impotence are embarrassment, the expectation of a spontaneous improvement in their condition, the feeling that this problem is secondary, and the expectation of a disappointing verdict from doctors.

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